Where Can I Sell A Crashed Car?
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Selling a Crashed Car

When the total cost of repairs comes close to or exceeds the value of a vehicle, this is referred to as a “total loss” for the auto. The majority of insurance companies consider a vehicle to be a total loss when the cost of repairing it, in addition to the value of the vehicle’s salvage parts, is greater than the vehicle’s market value in terms of cash.

If you’ve found yourself in possession of a totaled car, you may be surprised to learn that it still has some monetary value. Certain parts, such as the catalytic converters, can still be quite valuable, even if they never find their way back into another vehicle.

Additionally, the metals that your vehicle is made up of have scrap value. The value for each metal varies, but there is money to be made in stripping down the car, truck, van, or SUV and recycling its metal components.

How Do I Know if My Car is Beyond Repair?

To begin, what kind of damage has been done to your vehicle? To tell you the truth, the classification of the damage made by your insurance company is more important than what you consider the harm to be if you’re trying to resell it.

When your insurance company made their assessment of the value of your vehicle, did they classify it as rebuilt or salvaged? If that’s the case, the value of your automobile as a standard ‘used car’ is going to take a substantial hit because of this.

If you drive a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle, it indicates that your vehicle had damage so severe that the expense of repairing it would have exceeded the value of the vehicle.

What’s the Extent of the Damage?

In the event that your vehicle cannot be repaired or saved, the next challenge you will face is determining the extent of the damage. After an accident, the question of whether or not you had your vehicle fixed is one of the most important factors in establishing how much it is worth.

If the damage to your automobile has not been fixed and the damage is still there, the value of your vehicle will be lower than it otherwise would be.

Car buyers normally do not want to get a vehicle that will cause them a great deal of difficulty in any way, namely costly repairs. They are looking for a vehicle that is already operational and has a minimum number of known issues.

Customers do not want to take the chance of finding out if there are other issues with the vehicle, they simply want something reliable, which often excludes previously crashed cars.

Following a collision, you should anticipate a significant decrease in the value of your vehicle.

Who Buys Vehicles That Have Been in a Major Accident?

To summarize, if you can’t resell it as used, you have a junk car and you’ll have to sell if to a recycler or salvage operation. Companies like, Sell Us Your Car buys non-running vehicles – cars, trucks, vans, work vehicles, and SUVs that no one else will.

We don’t care about the condition as we recycle the reusable parts, reclaim the precious metals in the catalytic converters, and make money off of recycle the metal components.

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