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    Who Buys Used & Junk Nissan Maxima Cars?

    Wondering who buys used, clunker, crashed, and abandoned Nissan Maxima models? Sell Us Your Car does! Not to mention, we pay cash and offer free towing service.

    We buy used and junk Nissan cars in just about any shape – running or not. You can find out instantly how much your Nissan is worth by calling us directly or completing our vehicle quote request form above.

    We buy Nissan cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, throughout Central and Southern Arizona, including in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. Contact our team today with any questions you have.

    Nissan Maxima Overview

    The Maxima is one of NIssan’s most popularly sold cars in the United States. The Maxima is now on its eighth generation and is commonly referred to as Nissan’s flagship sedan in North America, China, and the Middle East.

    The Maxima name dates back to the early 1980s when it was sold under the Datsun name. In 1985, as Datsun was phased out, the vehicle began to be sold as the Nissan Maxima. Outside of North American markets, the Maxima name has been used on Nissan Cefiro and Teana model variations.

    Not only was the Maxima viewed as a higher-end, roomier Altima, it also was equipped with a V6 engine versus a four-cylinder.

    Up until 2004 when Maxima production for North American assembly began in Tennessee, most U.S.-bound models were exclusively produced in Japan. The Maxima nameplate was initially used to identify the Bluebird’s, Japan’s version of the Altima, luxury trim.

    Because the Maxima has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States for several decades, Sell Us Your Car sees its fair share. We’ve paid out cash to hundreds of former Maxima owners over the years. Owners who are happy to learn their vehicle’s parts and metal components find new life.

    We buy Maximas that have been in an accident, that don’t start or run, and are missing components. If your Maxima costs more to fix than what it’s worth and you simply want it out of your life, reach out to our team today to get cash for your car.

    To boot, we don’t just buy junk Nissan Maximas. We also buy Maximas in good working order. So regardless of whether your Maxima is a clunker or drives fine, we want to make you an offer.

    3 Reasons to Sell Your Nissan Maxima to SUYC

    1. We pay more for secondhand cars because we make more than the average used car buyer. But we don’t expect you to simply believe us. Call around and see for yourself!
    2. Another reason to work with SUYC is that we strive to offer same-day or next-day purchases. In other words, we put cash into our customer’s hands quickly. If you want to get paid quickly and unload your car fast, we can help.
    3. As an added service, we tow away your car for free. We emphasize this added benefit as many of our competitors choose to pass the towing fee on to their customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below we’ve shared a few of the questions we get asked the most. If you don’t see your question answered, please reach out and ask us directly.

    How Are You Able to Pay More Than Your Competitors for My Maxima?

    The short answer is that most of our competitors are not recycling facilities, whereas Sell Us Your Car is. The truth is that most companies who ‘buy’ junk cars are not actually buying them but instead are simply lead generation companies who end up selling the leads to companies like ours.

    So one way we are able to offer more is by cutting out the middleman. When we buy directly from consumers, more money goes into your pocket. This is also to say, when a company that sells leads makes a bid on a car, they have to lowball the seller in order to leave some meat on the bone.

    The other reason that SUYC is able to pay more for junk cars is because we not only recycle cars, but we refurbish and resell their parts. This means we’re able to make more money on a vehicle we’ve purchased, as opposed to a company that just resells parts or one that just does metal recycling.

    How Quickly Can You Buy My Maxima?

    More often than not, if you call first thing in the morning, we’ll have a tow truck out to your location before the end-of-day. However, we run a busy operation and can’t always make a same-day purchase. For those who call later in the day and during our busiest days, we more often than not can schedule your pickup within 48 hours.

    Will You Buy My Maxima Without the Title?

    The only way we can buy a car from anyone is with proof of ownership. A title is a great way to show that you own your vehicle and that there isn’t a lien on it. However, with a bill of sale and government issued identification, we can make a junk car purchase.

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