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    Wondering who buys used, clunker, crashed, and abandoned Lincoln vehicles in Arizona? Sell Us Your Car does! Not to mention, we pay cash and offer free towing service.

    We buy used and junk Lincoln cars in just about any shape – running or not. You can find out instantly how much your Lincoln is worth by calling us directly or completing our vehicle quote request form above.

    We buy Lincoln vehicles throughout Central and Southern Arizona, including in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. Contact our team today with any questions you have.

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    About Lincoln

    Ford produces luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. The brand was started by Henry M. Leland in 1917. He named it after Abraham Lincoln, a hero of his.

    Lincoln has a long history, with its early cars being both luxurious and technologically advanced. Lincoln produced various car models including luxury sedans, convertibles, and limousines during the 1920s and 1930s. The Lincoln Continental was the first luxury SUV of the brand in the 1940s. Famous people and heads of state commonly chose it.

    During the 1950s and 1960s, Lincoln produced luxury vehicles such as the Lincoln Continental Mark II, which was among the most costly and exclusive cars of its era. During the 1970s, the brand introduced the Lincoln Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan that gained popularity among limousine and livery services.

    Lincoln produces luxury sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. Lincoln currently offers three luxury models: the full-size sedan Lincoln Continental, the large SUV Lincoln Navigator, and the compact crossover Lincoln Corsair.

    Lincoln is renowned for producing top-notch luxury cars with fashionable designs and cutting-edge technology. This brand’s cars are often chosen by those seeking a luxurious driving experience due to their reputation for comfort, style, and exclusivity.

    Lincoln’s Models Over the Decades


    • Lincoln Model L
    • Lincoln Model K
    • Lincoln Model H


    • Lincoln Model K
    • Lincoln Model Zephyr
    • Lincoln Model Continental


    • Lincoln Model Continental
    • Lincoln Model H
    • Lincoln Model L


    • Lincoln Capri
    • Lincoln Cosmopolitan
    • Lincoln Premiere
    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Continental Mark II


    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Continental Mark III
    • Lincoln Continental Mark IV
    • Lincoln Continental Mark V
    • Lincoln Continental Mark VI


    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Mark III
    • Lincoln Mark IV
    • Lincoln Mark V
    • Lincoln Town Car


    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Mark VII
    • Lincoln Mark VIII
    • Lincoln Town Car


    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Mark VIII
    • Lincoln Town Car
    • Lincoln Navigator


    • Lincoln LS
    • Lincoln Town Car
    • Lincoln Navigator
    • Lincoln Aviator


    • Lincoln MKS
    • Lincoln MKT
    • Lincoln MKX
    • Lincoln MKZ
    • Lincoln Navigator
    • Lincoln Continental
    • Lincoln Corsair


    • Lincoln Aviator
    • Lincoln Corsair
    • Lincoln Navigator
    • Lincoln Continental

    Do Lincolns Have Good Resale Value?

    Resale value is an automobile’s expected value when sold or traded in. Residual value is resale value. A car with a high resale value is more likely to retain a bigger amount of its original purchase price, whereas a vehicle with a low value depreciates faster.

    Luxury cars often have higher resale values. Luxury cars are more desirable because they are made with higher-quality parts and materials. A car’s resale value depends on its brand, model, age, condition, and demand.

    Lincoln makes luxury cars that hold their value well. The Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Navigator have continuously had strong resale values, according to Kelley Blue Book, which tracks vehicle prices and market trends.

    Thus, a Lincoln’s resale value depends on the model and other criteria. Before buying an automobile, investigate its resale value. If you want to sell or trade the car, this is crucial.

    Which Lincoln Vehicles Are Most Common?

    Since Lincoln does not provide model sales numbers, it is hard to determine which Lincoln models are most popular. According to industry reviews and market trends, the brand’s most popular models in recent years have been:

    Due to its roomy cabin, excellent performance, and extensive list of amenities and technology, the Navigator is a popular full-size luxury SUV. Navigator debuted in 2004.

    The Lincoln Corsair, a compact luxury crossover SUV, is popular because to its attractive exterior, smooth ride, and cutting-edge safety and driver assistance technology. These traits make the car popular.

    The ‘Lincoln Continental’ comes from the brand’s full-size premium car. This is usually a popular option for those who seek a huge, comfortable, and elegant car.

    Remember that a Lincoln model’s popularity might change for several reasons. These include customer preferences, market conditions, and model release frequency. Because certain models sell better in specific locations or seasons, the brand’s sales numbers may alter from year to year. This may affect brand sales.

    What Type of Mechanical Issues Do Lincolns Suffer From?

    Lincoln has developed so many different kinds of cars in the previous 20 years, each with a unique design and technology, that it is hard to generalize about their common difficulties. However, Lincoln owners report the following problems:

    Lincoln owners have experienced gearbox difficulties include sliding gears, slow shifts, and strange noises. Their autos have these faults. Transmission component wear, low transmission fluid levels, and software faults might cause these difficulties.

    The battery, alternator, starter, and wiring of certain Lincoln automobiles may not work properly. Corroded parts, worn parts, incorrect installation, etc. might cause these concerns.

    Lincoln owners have reported malfunctioning shocks, struts, springs, or control arms. 2008 Lincoln MKZ. Wear and tear, poor maintenance, and road hazards like potholes may cause these concerns.

    Lincoln owners have reported many more faults than those listed above. A car’s problems depend on its make, age, and driving conditions. Remember that not all Lincoln vehicles have these or other issues, and that the brand is known for making high-quality cars.

    How Much Are Lincolns Worth to an Automotive Recycler?

    The worth of a junk Lincoln to a scrapyard is contingent on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to its model, age, and condition, as well as the current state of the market and the demand for scrap metal.

    It’s a curious fact that scrapyards tend to offer higher payouts for vehicles that are relatively new and boast valuable components such as aluminum and copper. It’s possible that the value of vehicles that are extremely old, severely damaged, or in poor condition may be lower.

    It’s curious how scrap yards determine their prices, but it seems to be based on the weight of the car and the current value of scrap metal. The value of a junk Lincoln can fluctuate significantly based on certain factors, yet it typically amounts to a mere fraction of its original purchase price.

    Did you know that a scrapyard may not offer the same amount of money for a junk Lincoln as compared to a used Lincoln that is in good condition and being sold through a dealership or privately? Have you considered the possibility that selling your Lincoln as a used car could potentially yield better results than selling it as scrap?

    Are Lincoln Vehicles Costly to Repair?

    The cost of mending a Lincoln depends on its model, age, condition, and the kind and severity of the repair. Because they employ higher-quality components and have access to specialist parts and personnel, luxury automobiles like Lincolns may cost more to repair.

    Depending on the issue, repairing a Lincoln automobile might be expensive. Oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements are inexpensive. Major engine or gearbox issues are more costly to rectify.

    Remember that aftermarket parts availability and labor costs might impact the cost of repairing a Lincoln automobile. To discover the greatest repair price, browse around and get several quotations from repair shops or dealerships.

    Is it Expensive to Maintain Lincolns?

    The cost of maintaining a Lincoln can differ based on factors like the car’s model, age, and condition, as well as the required maintenance and the location of the repair shop or dealership. Lincoln cars, being made with high-quality materials and specialized parts, may require more expensive maintenance compared to other cars.

    The cost of maintaining a Lincoln can vary depending on the required maintenance. Performing routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements typically incur low costs. Repairing significant issues with the engine or transmission can result in high costs.

    The cost of maintaining a Lincoln vehicle can be influenced by the availability of aftermarket parts and the labor costs of the repair shop or dealership. It’s advisable to obtain several quotes from various repair shops or dealerships to find the most affordable price for your maintenance requirements.

    Comparing the overall cost of maintaining a Lincoln car to that of a car from another brand can be difficult due to varying maintenance needs and costs across different models. It’s advisable to determine the maintenance cost of a car before purchasing it and include it in your budget.

    Which Lincoln Parts & Components Have the Most Value?

    The value of Lincoln car parts is determined by factors such as the car’s model, age, and condition, as well as the current demand for used car parts. Valuable parts of a Lincoln car may include:

    The engine is a crucial and intricate part of a car, consisting of various components. Certain engine components, such as the cylinder head, crankshaft, and pistons, have significant utility.

    The transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels. Gears, bearings, and torque converters are useful transmission components.

    The suspension system is responsible for holding up the vehicle and providing a smooth ride. Springs, shocks, and control arms are suspension components that offer advantages.

    The exhaust system eliminates engine gases. The exhaust system includes components like the muffler, catalytic converter, and exhaust manifold.

    The car’s ability to stop is attributed to the brake system. The brake pads, rotors, and calipers are all useful components.

    Car parts’ worth can fluctuate based on the model, state, and market. It’s recommended to assess the worth of components prior to selling them.

    How Long do Lincoln Vehicles Typically Stay On the Road?

    The lifespan of a Lincoln car is determined by various factors, including its model, age, and condition, as well as the level of maintenance and driving habits. Cars that are maintained properly and driven cautiously in favorable weather conditions tend to have a longer lifespan. Conversely, cars that are neglected or driven in harsh weather conditions may not last as long.

    It is difficult to determine the lifespan of a Lincoln vehicle due to the brand’s diverse range of cars with varying designs and technologies throughout the years. The average lifespan of a car is estimated to be around 8 to 10 years or 150,000 to 200,000 miles. The lifespan of a car can vary based on the aforementioned factors.

    Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and promptly getting necessary repairs can help prolong the life of a Lincoln. Proper maintenance and upkeep can extend the lifespan of a Lincoln car and keep it roadworthy for a prolonged period.

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