Picture of a 2011 Es350 Lexus in Queen Creek that was purchased by SUYC for $1,592.

Last Tuesday, Raquel contacted our yard to see the price her non-running car would be valued at. We quickly reviewed her 2011 Es350 Lexus, it’s weight, and the operational parts we could reuse and discovered we’d be able to pay up to $1,592. As soon as Raquel was told the value, she, in a flash, took the proposal and SUYC had her derelict clunker pulled out from her property the same day.

Do you have an unstable jalopy that you want to get paid for? You can contact out junk yard Monday to Saturday to find out the price your rustbucket is worth in scrap. It is smooth, prompt, and we hand out cold hard cash! If you have to pay accounts, have a doctor urgency, or just intend to switch your rustbucket for deniro, our company is here to assist!

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