Tolleson – We give cash for cars and This is how.

We are in the business of buying and selling vehicles, and we want you to sell us your car. We make it easy to sell your vehicle, whether it runs or not, and are willing and able to pick up vehicles in any and all conditions. Visit or call us for a non-obligation quote of how much cash we will pay you for your auto, RV, or motorized equipment, and know that quotes and offers are valid for 48 hours, before you need to have a new pricing quote generated. We can come and pick it up for you, just let us know.

Interested in selling us your auto but aren’t exactly sure how it works?  That’s okay we are here to help you sell us your automobile and will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.  Lets go over some information that you will need in order for us to help you.

  1. Car Year, Make, Model
  2. VIN if possible. Not really needed but we want to give you the most accurate amount of cash you will receive when you sell us your car.
  3. Schedule your pick up or drop off time
  4. Give us your car, truck, suv, atv, heavy equipment
  5. We give you cash!

That’s it! No really, It’s that easy.  Once you have all that information in hand, enter it into our contact us page, press send and one of our specialist will guide you through the rest of the process. If you would like to receive an immediate quote you can always call us at 602-363-6706 and speak directly with one of our specialists.  The process over the phone takes about 10 minutes to get all of your details and to get you your cash in hand quote.  Most deals can be completed same day.  However if there we are not able to connect same day we will honor your cash in hand quote for up to 48 hours before a new quote has to be generated.

Cash for cars in Tolleson, AZ

Wondering how it works, or want to learn more? Call or visit us online to get a cash quote for your auto, running or not! There is no commitment or obligation when you visit the online tool to find out how much we will pay for your vehicle. Don’t have your vehicle’s title? That is okay, too, we are willing to work with you and still pay for cash for your car, truck, or other auto fast. Do you have junk cars or old motorized equipment taking up space in your yard, driveway, or garage? Clean up your property and put money back into your own pocket when you sell us your vehicles today.

Why Choose Us?

We are located across the great state of Arizona, and have the availability to provide our services in Tolleson. We will arrange to come and pick up your auto, whether it works or not, and pay you cash on the spot. Just let us know when we make arrangements to meet you so that we can bring what we need to move your vehicle. We have built and established a positive reputation in the state for buying and selling cars, trucks, and all other types of vehicles. Check us out online and see for yourself why so many sellers are trusting us to buy their automobile for cash in Tolleson, AZ.

Tolleson - Junk Car

Have more questions? Great! We have more answers!

How much am I able to sell my automobile to you for?

We would love to give you that answer right here and right now but unfortunately it is not possible.  If you fill out the contact us page or call us at 602-363-6706 we will be able to get you a quote as quickly as possible

How long does the process take to sell my vehicle?

The entire process can be completed over the phone in about 10 minuets. One of our specialists will be able to take care of everything quickly and accurately. You can contact us through the website or give us a call.

How much are you going to charge me for a quote?

There is no charge for quotes. All quotes are free and valid for up to 48 hours.

Why is my quote only good for 48 hours?

As we all know today’s markets change quickly.  There for we are only able to guarantee quotes for up to 48 hours. But that shouldn’t stop you from selling your auto for cash today!

Do I have to bring my automobile to you?

Absolutely not! We will come to you, give you cash for your car, and take your automobile away.

What if my car doesn’t run?

That’s okay, we will still buy your vehicle and we will even come get your auto for free!  Please let us know ahead of time so we can make the right accommodations.

I don’t have the title or there is a lien on my automobile. Will still buy my automobile for cash?

Of course we will still buy your auto and there is nothing to worry about.  Remember we have over 50 years experience of buying and selling cars. Our specialists will know exactly how to handle the situation and still get you top dollar for your automobile.

I live far away from Phoenix proper. Will you still buy my vehicle and come get it?

Yes, we service all cities of Arizona so you can still give us your automobile and we will arrange for us to pick up your auto.

How long does it take to get cash for my car?

When we come to pick up your auto we will hand you the cash.  Its that easy! No waiting, no checks to clear, no wire transfers. Nice cold hard cash in hand for selling us your automobile.

Do you buy only cars?

Nope! You can sell us your car, truck, SUV,

Where are you located?

We are located conveniently on Grand Avenue however you do not have to bring us your vehicle. We will come pick up your auto for free and leave you with cash in hand for your automobile.

Okay! You’ve convinced me to sell my auto to you, where do I start again!?

Hey no problem. You can start the process on our contact us page or call us at 602-363-6706.

Get a Quote!

The first thing to do is to call us and provide a bit of basic information about the vehicle that you are interested in selling to us. For example, you will need to share the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and the VIN number if you happen to have it. If you don’t have the VIN, no need to worry, we can still make you an offer. The main thing we need to know is the condition of the vehicle when you contact us. This will help us come to meet you prepared for the situation, and be able to move your automobile after we pay you cash.

Once you have agreed to sell us your automobile, we will come at a pre-arranged time to pick it up, pay you cash, and leave. That’s it. It is simple and convenient to get rid of your vehicle without the advertising, expense, time, and hassle that selling it to a stranger on the open market can cause. Sell your auto in a way that doesn’t cause you headache and grief, to us instead.
Are you ready to get rid of your car? Our convenient placement in Arizona ensures that we are nearby and ready to buy vehicles in Tolleson, and other locations widely. Clean up your driveway and garage while making some money at the same time. We want to buy your car for cash today, so give us a call. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today for more information.