Cash for Junk Cars in Surprise

Interested in selling us your car but aren’t exactly sure how it works?  That’s okay Sell Us Your Car AZ is here to help you sell us your car and will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.  Let’s go over some information that you will need in order for us to help you.

  1. Car Year, Make, Model
  2. VIN if possible. Not really needed but we want to give you the most accurate amount of cash you will receive when you sell us your car.
  3. Schedule your pick up or drop off time
  4. Give us your car, truck, SUV, ATV, heavy equipment
  5. We give you cash!

That’s it! No really, It’s that easy.  Once you have all that information in hand, enter it into our contact us page, press sends and one of our specialists will guide you through the rest of the process. If you would like to receive an immediate quote you can always call us at 602-363-6706 and speak directly with one of our specialists.  The process over the phone takes about 10 minutes to get all of your details and to get you your cash in hand quote.  Most deals can be completed the same day.  However if there we are not able to connect the same day we will honor your cash in hand quote for up to 48 hours before a new quote has to be generated.

What Does the Junk Car Buying Process Look Like?

Many people have cars that are essentially valued members of the family, and sometimes as old as your kids who are in college. But old cars are safety and environmental hazards that need to be properly disposed of. However, you can still get some money for it!

The process can be as simple as:

  • Get Phone Quote
  • Schedule Time to Pick Up Vehicle (Typically Same Day)
  • Get Paid Cash

In Surprise, AZ you are looking at a higher chance than normal that your old car is worth something because of the ideal Arizona weather conditions that inhibit rust and mold from rotting the interior. Old cars are much less safe than modern ones, they pollute much more than modern ones, and they are much less reliable than modern ones. Why not call and see how much your old car could be worth?

Will You Buy My Car?

Chances are we will! Are you hesitant to depart with your old car? Sorry to say but your old car is likely not ever going to start again and considering how much safer, cleaner, and more reliable new cars are, it’s almost always worth it to consider selling.

Junk cars often only have value as scrap metal, although sometimes the car can be salvaged. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether your car is a junk car.

  • Is your vehicle damaged? Is the vehicle missing parts of the body? Are there broken windows? If yes the vehicle is likely junk. 
  • Do you have the vehicle’s licensing paperwork? A junk car is often missing essential official paperwork, which drastically increases the hassle of relicensing it.
  • Is the vehicle operable? If the vehicle cannot start, chances are that there are multiple problems with it other than a dead battery.
  • When was the last time the vehicle moved? If your car has not moved since the Obama administration, or even the 20th century – your car is likely a junk car. Heck, even if it has only been a few months your old and unreliable car might be worth only scrap metal.

Do Pick Up Abandoned Vehicles?

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), an abandoned vehicle in Surprise, AZ is a “vehicle, trailer or semitrailer that is subject to registration and has been abandoned on public or private property, whether lost, stolen, abandoned or otherwise unclaimed.”

The gist of this is that for a vehicle to be officially considered abandoned it has to go through a proper procedure. Abandoned vehicles will only be picked up if proper notice has been filed that the vehicle is:

  • lost
  • stolen
  • abandoned or otherwise unclaimed that has been seized according to law
  • removed from a public highway or public property by order of a law enforcement officer

To have a vehicle labeled as abandoned, there are fees to pay to the Arizona MVD and in certain cases, a period of 30 days has to have passed.

How Much is My Junk Vehicle Worth?

There is no convenient formula to appraise your vehicle’s worth if it is a junker. The vast majority of junk vehicles are good for only scrap metal at a recycling yard, which can probably net you $100 – $500, depending on the fluctuating price of scrap metal. In certain cases, the vehicle can be salvaged, but according to the Kelley Blue Book, the value of a salvaged car will only be between 20 – 40% of the car’s used value.

To get an idea of your vehicles worth, and see if it might be purchased by a salvage yard, have this information before you call

  • Vehicle location
  • Year, make, model
  • Vehicle condition