Cash for Junk Cars in Laveen
Often, car owners find it hard to dispose of their old junk car and, if possible, recoup some of their initial investment. Some of the options available include donating it to charity, selling it whole or in parts, recycling usable pieces, and turning it into a work of art. In case you decide to sell it for cash, it would be important to find a reliable junk car removal company. Finding a reliable junk car removal company will not only ensure that you get a fair price for the value of the car but also ensure that the vehicle is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

At Sell Us Your Car AZ, we pay top dollar for different types of junk cars. Below is how the process works.

Cash for cars in Laveen, AZ

Sell Us Your Car AZ makes it easy for owners of old junk cars to dispose of them. Through a process that is done over the phone and lasts about 10 minutes, you can get a quote for your car.

Describe your car

To calculate the value of your old car and offer you a fair price, we will need you to provide certain details. These include the year, make, and model of the vehicle. You should also tell us about the condition and location of the junker. Accurate information allows us to provide an accurate quote.

Get a quote

After you have provided this information, our specialists will contact you to give you your cash in hand quote. The majority of the deals will be completed the same day, but we will honor your cash in hand quote for up to 48 hours.

Arrange pick up or drop off

Although we can come to pick up the car for free, you have the option of dropping it off at our centrally located office. In addition to choosing either of the options, you will also need to schedule your pick up or drop off time.

Get your cash instantly

Regardless of the option you prefer, we will give you cash immediately you give us your car, truck, or heavy equipment. We will hand you the cash, and you will not have to wait for checks to clear or for wire transfers. Hard cash for selling us your car is designed to make the process easy and convenient.

Dollar Bills

Why choose us?

Finding the right junk car buying company in Laveen can be difficult. This is why Sell Us Your Car AZ continuously strives to save you the stress and hassle. Here is why you should choose us when you decide to sell your old car for cash.

Easy and fast process

Selling your old junk car does not have to be difficult. We make it possible for you to provide us with the information we require over the phone and get a free quote in about 10 minutes. We also strive to complete most deals on the same day to save you time.

A broad range of services

The needs of our different clients vary widely. This is why we provide a wide range of services covering cars, trucks, SUVs and heavy equipment. We also pay for your junker, whether it runs or not.

Cash on the spot

One of the benefits you will enjoy when you work with us is that you will get paid top-dollar. You will receive your cash immediately you give us the car, eliminating the need to wait for wire transfers or checks to clear.


We have over 50 years of experience in buying and selling cars. This puts us in a great position to handle different challenges to ensure you get top dollar for your junker.

Get a quote!

If you would like to get a quote, call or email us during the normal business hours. Once you describe your car, our specialists will be happy to give you your cash in hand quote. Kindly feel free to contact us if you need further information or assistance.