Cash for Junk Cars in Buckeye

Cash for Junk Cars in Buckeye

If you are looking for a way to sell a “junker” car in Buckeye, AZ, the process may be much easier than you realize. By taking just a few simple steps, Sell Us Your Car AZ will rid you of your unwanted vehicle quickly and easily and give you cash.

What Does the Junk Car Buying Process Look Like?

Just what steps do you need to take to sell your junk car? Follow the points below, and you will be on your way to exchanging that car for cash:

Get a Phone Quote

First, get in touch with one of Sell Us Your Car AZ’s representatives to get a quote over the phone. This is an easy task that generally takes about 10 minutes. To make the call as efficient as possible, have the following information ready: the make, model, and year, as well as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if you have it.

Schedule a Pick Up Time

Once we have your car’s details, our representatives schedule a time for you to drop off your vehicle or have it picked up. In most cases, it’s off your hands the same day you call.

Get Paid Cash!

We can pay cash for your vehicle upon delivery or pick-up, as well. It is truly that easy!

Will You Buy My Car?

Before you even call, you probably want to know whether we will be interested in purchasing your vehicle. We will need to first determine whether a car is truly a junker or not by asking several questions:

How old is the car?

If it’s old, it will probably qualify. In some areas, a car might need to be at least 3 years old before being sold as a junker.

What’s the damage?

A car with signs of deterioration is a likely candidate for sale as a junk car. Broken windows can also indicate a junker. If it needs major, expensive parts, such as a new motor or transmission, it’s probably a junker.

Is the car inoperable/not worth much?

If the car isn’t appealing to most buyers, then it is likely eligible to be sold for scrap. After all, an inoperable vehicle is not worth a lot to potential car owners. If it has been stationary for some time, it could be inoperable or deteriorated to the point that it’s ready to be sold as a junker. In some cases, a junker might only receive up to $500.

Does the car have current documents?

If the license and registration have long expired, a vehicle might be a junk car.

Do You Pick Up Abandoned Vehicles?

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your property in Buckeye, AZ, be sure to tell our phone representative, who will advise you about junk car removal accordingly.

First, you must establish whether the car is considered abandoned according to the legal definition. An abandoned vehicle is one that has been dumped or illegally left on public or private property by someone who fails to retrieve it. The criteria to define a car as abandoned may vary according to local laws and guidelines.

In Arizona, a vehicle, semitrailer, or trailer subject to registration may be considered abandoned if it has been left on private or public property, regardless of whether it has been abandoned intentionally, stolen, lost, or otherwise unclaimed. A vehicle may also be deemed abandoned if a law enforcement officer orders it removed from public property or a public highway.

How Much is My Junk Vehicle Worth?

If your car is a junker, you probably want to know how much money you can get for it before calling Sell Us Your Car AZ. In 2019, current rates for an abandoned vehicle range from $100 to $15,000, but generally, most abandoned cars are worth up to $500. The price is typically established by deducting the cost of repairs needed from the current market rate for the vehicle.

Now that you know the basics of selling a junk car, you only have one step left to take. Give us a call today, so we can start the process by giving you a free quote!