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    Interested in selling us your car in Surprise but aren’t exactly sure how it works? That’s okay Sell Us Your Car is here to help you sell us your car and will guide you through the entire process of selling junk cars from start to finish. Let’s go over some information that you will need in order for us to help you.

    Once you have all that information in hand, enter it into our contact us page, press sends and one of our specialists will guide you through the rest of the process. If you would like to receive an immediate quote you can always call and speak directly with one of our specialists.

    The process over the phone takes about 10 minutes to get all of your details and to get you your cash in hand quote. Most deals can be completed the same day. However, if we are not able to connect the same day we will honor your cash in hand quote for up to 48 hours before a new quote has to be generated.

    Many people have cars that are essentially valued members of the family, and sometimes as old as your kids who are in college. But old cars are safety and environmental hazards that need to be properly disposed of. However, you can still get some money for it!

    In Surprise, AZ you are looking at a higher chance than normal that your old car is worth something because of the ideal Arizona weather conditions that inhibit rust and mold from rotting the interior. Old cars are much less safe than modern ones, they pollute much more than modern ones, and they are much less reliable than modern ones. Why not call and see how much your old car could be worth?

    What Does the Junk Car-Buying Process Look Like?

    Collect all of the essential documentation to sell your vehicle, then give us a call and state “I want to sell my junk car for cash.” This comprises a report on the history of the vehicle as well as details of its servicing and upkeep.

    Online sales may demand a verbal declaration from you as well as picture proof of the vehicles’ condition in order to provide you with an accurate price. In contrast, junkyards and used car firms are able to see you and the vehicle in person.

    Decide on your buyer. Follow through with the transaction with the highest bidder and bring the vehicle in for one last checkup. If the vehicle is consistent with what you described, the purchaser is obligated to honor the price originally quoted.

    Take possession of the money, and hand over the title. Be careful to verify the status of the vehicle registration and title at the department of motor vehicles in your area as soon as possible after the transaction, so that you are relieved of any responsibility for the automobile.

    Will You Buy My Car?

    A junk car dealer will likely be interested in your vehicle if only for the scrap metal it contains. In certain cases, usable parts from junk cars may be sold to those who really need them.

    Despite the fact that a junk car won’t go very far in the auction, it still has value due to the metals and parts it was constructed with.

    Consider the following indicators to determine whether your vehicle meets the requirements for garbage status:

    • it’s illegal to operate
    • has little real use other than as scrap
    • has obvious apparent wear and tear

    Do You Pick Up Abandoned Vehicles?

    Vehicles that have been left unattended for a significant amount of time on either public or private land are considered abandoned. All vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers that have been abandoned in Phoenix and were previously registered may be repossessed by a junk dealer, towing business, or public garage owner.

    In Phoenix, a potential claimant would have to file a claim with the Arizona Department of Transportation, asking that the car be designated as abandoned. The MVD would then try to get in touch with the owner to remind them that they had 30 days to retrieve their car.

    If no counterclaim is filed during the 30-day period, the initial claimant will be given full and clear title.

    Arizona law prohibits leaving a vehicle alone, however there are a few exceptions to this rule.

    Mobile homes bigger than 8 by 40 feet, cars abandoned in parking lots or storage facilities, and vintage cars being restored on private land all fall under this category.

    How Much is My Junk Vehicle Worth?

    The greater part of trash automobiles are worth between $100 and $500, mostly due to the metal they contain and maybe a few functional pieces.

    The location, the year, make, and model of the automobile, how well it works, and the price of scrap metal at the time are the most crucial factors that determine how much your junk car is worth.

    The Kelley Blue Book is the greatest resource for determining the value of your junk automobile. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll receive that much for your automobile, but it will provide you a starting point when negotiating with junkyards.

    No matter what a reference book states, bear in mind that how much money you get for your automobile will depend significantly on the price of scrap metal.

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    About Surprise

    Maricopa County, Arizona

    Only forty-five minutes separate Surprise from both the heart of Phoenix and the Sky Harbor International Airport, which are both situated in the northwest portion of the Phoenix Metropolitan region. Surprise is a large suburban community.

    Surprise is unique in that it combines the ambiance of a little town with the facilities of a large metropolis, and both residents and tourists like this combination.

    This city caters to residents of a wide range of ages and offers a wide variety of activities, from neighborhood festivals to regional festivals, art galleries, and cultural experiences.

    Surprise is home to the biggest tennis and racquet complex in the southwest, as well as many professionally built golf courses, an urban fishing lake, and several aquatic facilities.

    When the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers arrive to town for their Cactus League Spring Training, the city’s population swells to unprecedented levels every year in the spring. Surprise Stadium provides the ideal baseball fan experience, replete with up-close and personal experiences with big leaguers, and was voted by USA Today to be the number one spring training stadium in the state of Arizona for 2018!

    During the course of the regular season for Major League Baseball, the stadium plays home to a variety of teams from lower leagues, as well as national high school and college baseball tournaments, USA Professional Baseball teams, and other events.

    To the west of Surprise lies the vast White Tank Mountain range, while to the north of the city is the stunning Sonoran Desert and Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Surprise is named for the Surprise River, which runs through the city.

    Hiking, fishing, and camping are all accessible within a twenty-minute drive of Surprise, which is convenient for residents and visitors alike who appreciate the great outdoors.

    The proximity to the Phoenix Metropolitan area makes it possible for residents and tourists to enjoy all that a busy city has to offer, including world-famous shopping and eating, music and sports facilities, theaters, and a variety of other activities.