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    Contact our team today to see how much your car may be worth. To sell your junker, simply call the number provided or use the form to send us your vehicle info. When a price is agreed upon, we’ll send out a driver to pick your vehicle up. It’s that easy!

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    4 Tips for Selling a Used Car in San Tan Valley to a Scrapyard

    To ensure you feel happy about the process, think about these factors when selling your car to a junkyard.

    #1 Do Your Research

    You might feel eager to accept the first offer for your junk car, but it’s important that you take a step back and do some research. There are many different buyers in San Tan Valley who may be interested in purchasing your vehicle. However, not all of them view it’s value the same way as SUYC does.

    Consider places like salvage yards or recycling centers. These businesses often buy old cars too! But remember they don’t always see things from the same perspective as other potential buyers would.

    So what should you do? Start by making a list of possible options around town where you could sell your car. Then pick up the phone and give each one a call!

    #2 Prepare Your Vehicle

    You need to get your personal stuff out of the car. It doesn’t matter if it’s a junker or not, you don’t have to clean anything up. The people who take care of these cars treat them all in the same way.

    Now, about that license plate on your vehicle – there are no hard and fast rules here. You can choose whether you want to keep it or leave it where it is.

    So remember: grab what belongs to you from inside the car but skip cleaning duty! And make a choice about that license plate – either remove it for keepsakes or let go with everything else.

    #3 Gather the Necessary Documentation

    To prove that the car belongs to you, it’s necessary for you to have a title or bill of sale with your name on it. Additionally, having a valid ID card is also important. These documents are essential because they confirm your identity and show that the vehicle truly is yours.

    #4 Be Honest About the Vehicle’s Issues

    When you’re looking for the best quote from a used car or junk car service, it’s really important that they understand how certain parts of your vehicle work. If you leave out this information, there’s a chance they might give you less money after inspecting your vehicle at pickup time. So remember to always share as much detail about your car’s condition and functionality with them!

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    Sell Us Your Car Company Logo About Sell Us Your Car

    If you own an aged vehicle in San Tan Valley, AZ, SUYC desires to be the one who purchases it. Our goal is to offer a just and straightforward transaction. Your automobile might hold different values for various buyers, but it’s worth increases when we consider buying it. We possess the ability to clarify this reasoning further.

    • At SUYC, we provide a superior bargain because we disassemble the car for it’s components, which means that our profit from each deal increases.

    • Unlike SUYC, other purchasers act as go-betweens who pass your information to businesses ready to shell out the most cash. So for both companies that generate leads and end buyers like us to earn money, these intermediaries need to propose lesser rates.

    • Every day, we keep a close eye on the market conditions at SUYC, unlike resellers who use an algorithm to set their prices and don’t change them even when the values of metals and elements go up or down.

    • Our team holds your business in high regard and understands that even a small increase in funds can make a big difference for many customers. We never pass up the chance to finalize an agreement over a reasonable counter offer, unlike resellers who turn down any type of bargaining.

    • We get used and worn-out cars from folks in our neighborhood; we are committed to aiding the growth of our community. Big sellers that work all over the nation don’t share this perspective. To them, you’re merely a statistic. But for us, you could be a returning customer, someone who recommends us locally, or even an ambassador encouraging others to consider using our service after they’ve had an accident.

    Our team is completely dedicated to making the entire process easy and stress-free for our clients, achieving this by using various methods.

    • We are always ready to provide instant quotes over the phone or through an email. Our team makes sure you get your quote as soon as possible, without any delay.

    • We make sure to arrange the pickup of your vehicle as fast as possible, usually on the same day or next.

    • We get instant cash in our hands, so we avoid the trouble of waiting for a check.

    • You don’t have to stress about towing costs when you choose us, unlike what often happens with some of our bigger competitors.

    • Also, we handle all the paperwork tasks. Just make sure to remove any personal items from your car. After completing the title transfer paperwork with the department of transportation, you’re free from your old vehicle’s responsibilities.

    This shows the unique difference of SUYC. Go ahead, take your time to explore and compare other offers; we have a strong belief that you come back to accept ours. If your car is not in use, if it’s broken or even left behind somewhere, we are interested in buying it from you right now! We plan on using it’s parts for different purposes and recycling what remains after all this process. This way nothing goes wasted – every part has value at SUYC.

    Our Services

    Junkyard Icon


    Our scrapyards process over 200 vehicles every week and our vehicle compactor is always hungry for more! Ask about our junk cars pick up service.

    Junk Car Icon

    Junk Car Buyer

    Have a junker taking up space that you want to get rid of? If so, click here to see how much your car’s worth! We pay the most for cash for cars in San Tan Valley.

    Used Car Icon

    Used Cars

    In addition to paying cash for clunkers, SUYC buys and sells used cars. Contact our team today for a cash offer on your used car.

    Auto Recycling Icon

    Auto Recycling

    We collect scrap metal that we pull from cars, including steel, aluminum, and lead, then send it to a refinery to be recycled.

    Parts Salvage Icon

    Part Salvage

    Nothing goes to waste when recycling cars and all good condition parts are pulled to be assessed and resold.

    Vehicle Removal Icon

    Vehicle Removal

    Have a junk car on your property that needs to go? Give us a call, we do junk cars removal and we’ll gladly send out a truck to tow away an abandoned vehicle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the questions we often answer about car sales in San Tan Valley, AZ and if you don’t see your question here, our team is ready to help.

    How much money is my old car worth in San Tan Valley, AZ?

    Right now, a junk car in San Tan Valley, AZ usually sells for about $698. Factors such as the car’s current condition, any shipping costs involved, market prices of metals and how much people want it’s individual parts can change this value. To discover what your own car is worth today, get in touch with us.

    Can I pick the schedule that works best for me?

    Great! Once you approve our offer, a driver from our team comes to pick up your old car at no extra cost for towing.

    Do I get the payment right away?

    When our driver comes to get your car, you receive payment right away. If you call us early enough, we usually manage a pickup today; if not, there’s often room for tomorrow. This means that in just hours or certainly within one day, the money is yours.

    How do I figure out a way to sell my old car in San Tan Valley, AZ if I don’t have the title?

    If you lose your car title, applying for a duplicate at the DMV is an option. Even without it, we might think about buying your vehicle if you have proper ID and a bill of sale.

    How much does it cost to remove a junk car in San Tan Valley, AZ?

    We don’t dent your wallet, instead we tow away your vehicle from your site without any extra or hidden charges and you are the one who gets paid!

    Do I think you can buy expired fleet vehicles in San Tan Valley, AZ?

    Surely, our prices match what you see in the market. If your work trucks or vans are giving you trouble and need to go, get in touch with us so we can talk about it.

    What does a junk car have that isn’t in a used car, and what does a used car have that’s missing from the junk one?

    A car that costs more to repair than it’s worth often gets the label of junk. These cars might be broken, missing important parts, or just not working at all. If no one wants to buy them again, they’re probably considered as junk cars. But used cars are usually in pretty good shape and people can sell them for a decent price. Even if there are small problems with these vehicles, fixing those issues doesn’t always lower their value much.

    Our company SUYC buys used cars and we give fair prices based on what the market says they’re worth right now! So reach out to us when you want a quote for your vehicle!

    Can you share with me the types of vehicles you are purchasing in San Tan Valley, AZ?

    No matter if your car drives now or used to, odds are we want to purchase it. We open our doors wide for all types of vehicles such as pickups, convertibles, SUVs and even bigger ones like buses and RVs; not forgetting other kinds like forklifts, semi-trucks and flatbed trucks too! All you need is the right paperwork that shows you own the vehicle then sit back while we give a fair offer.

    Do you have a limit on the condition of junk cars that you buy in San Tan Valley, AZ?

    Even if your car doesn’t have an engine or other dealers don’t want it, Sell Us Your Car is ready to buy it. We offer you cash for your car, no matter what shape it’s in.

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    Maricopa County, Arizona

    San Tan Valley, Arizona shines in many areas. You might be surprised to learn that it’s a great place for outdoor activities! With it’s beautiful desert landscapes and warm weather most of the year, you can enjoy hiking or biking on numerous trails. Plus, there are several golf courses where you can practice your swing.

    Another thing San Tan Valley excels at is providing quality education. There are top-rated schools here with dedicated teachers who care about their students’ success. Whether elementary school or high school level – they have programs designed to help every student reach his/her potential.

    Lastly but not leastly: community spirit thrives in this town! People living here take pride in their neighborhood and often come together for local events like festivals or farmers markets – making everyone feel welcome and part of something bigger than themselves.

    In terms of interests, you’ll find that outdoor activities rank high on the list for many folks here because there’s so much natural beauty to explore right at their doorstep. Hiking trails wind through stunning desert landscapes while golf courses offer challenging play against breathtaking mountain backdrops. For those who prefer indoor pursuits or want something fun to do when it gets too hot outside (which can happen quite often), shopping centers provide plenty of retail therapy opportunities!

    As far as sports go – well let me tell you – this place loves it’s local teams! You’re likely to see lots of Phoenix Suns basketball jerseys around town during NBA season since they’re one popular team among locals here along with other professional Arizona-based squads such as Diamondbacks baseball club or Cardinals football team.

    First off, if you love nature and outdoor activities, then the San Tan Mountain Regional Park should be at the top of your list. Here, you can hike or bike on miles of trails while enjoying stunning views of the Sonoran Desert landscape. You also get an up-close look at local wildlife like coyotes and javelinas!

    Are golfing more your style? Then head over to Encanterra Country Club – one of Arizona’s premier private clubs with it’s championship course designed by Tom Lehman himself! It offers not only great rounds but also breathtaking vistas from every hole.

    If history interests you too don’t miss out visiting The Queen Creek Olive Mill which isn’t far away either – this family-owned company produces award-winning olive oil using traditional methods right here in Arizona soil since 2005; they even give tours showing how everything works behind scenes along tasting sessions their delicious products as well!

    Finally end day relaxing Schnepf Farms: there are plenty fun things do such picking fresh fruits vegetables depending season riding vintage carousel exploring country store full homemade goodies… And when sun sets down enjoy some best BBQ around under starlit sky surrounded by peaceful countryside sounds.

    You might see classic muscle cars from the 1960s at local shows on weekends. Or you could spot off-road vehicles covered in desert dust after a fun day out exploring nearby trails. There’s also quite a few motorcycle enthusiasts around town too!

    As for vehicle laws, they’re pretty standard compared to other parts of the United States. Everyone needs to wear seat belts when driving or riding in a car – no exceptions there! And remember: texting while driving is not allowed either; keep your eyes on the road and stay safe.

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