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    Over time, your car will depreciate and, in some instances, need repairs that could cost more than the vehicle itself. When this happens, most people choose to leave it sitting in the yard or they sell it. A dormant car will not only be an eyesore and take up valuable space but will also drive down property values. SUYC is looking for people in Chandler selling junk cars so that we can pay top dollar for it!

    Scrapping a car makes for one of the best ways to get some extra cash in exchange for the junker. At Sell Us Your Car AZ, we make it easy for you to dispose of your junk car in an environment-friendly way.

    It is easy to get cash for cars without a title. However, if you are not sure how the process works, we will be happy to guide you through the process from start to finish. Here is how the process works.

    For us to help you, we will require you to provide us with basic information about the car. This includes the year, make and model of the car, the condition of the vehicle, its location, mileage, title information, and whether or not the car currently runs.

    While it is not a must that you provide the VIN, it will help us in ensuring we give you the most accurate amount of cash for your car. The next step will involve scheduling the pickup or drop off time. The entire process of giving us information over the phone and getting your cash in hand quote will take about 10 minutes.

    Once you give us your car, SUV, ATV, truck, or heavy equipment, we will give you cash on the spot. You will not have to wait for checks to clear or for wire transfers.

    The amount you receive when you sell us your car will depend on several factors. Some of the factors we consider are the condition of the vehicle, demand for parts, location of the vehicle, and the current price of scrap metal.

    What Does the Junk Car-Buying Process Look Like?

    At Sell Us Your Car, we’ve helped countless people looking for info on “how to sell my junk car” in Chandler. Our junk car buyer will make an offer for the vehicle after first gathering basic information regarding its current state. The procedure is normally quite fast, and it may even be finished on the same day if your car is discovered in the immediate area.

    After that, we will inspect the car and provide you with some fast cash in addition to our free towing services.

    You may save money on the cost of a towing service by requesting that our staff take up your junker at your location or a location nearby, such as where your automobile is parked.

    After all of the necessary procedures have been completed, the we make the payment immediately in cash. Don’t forget to contact the insurance company and alert them about the transaction. Also, cancel the coverage while you’re on the phone with the insurance company.

    Will You Buy My Car?

    Almost all junk automobiles will be of interest to a junk car dealer, if only for the scrap metal they contain. Some trash automobiles with usable parts may have these components removed and sold to car owners in need.

    There is seldom a substantial amount of value connected with a trash automobile, but at least some of the vehicle’s components and metal give it some inherent worth.

    If you’re unsure if your vehicle has reached the point where it’s deemed a trash car, here are a few of the most common indicators:

    • vehicle lacks a valid license and registration
    • is inoperable
    • has little value other than as scrap
    • has extensive visible damage
    • is very old

    Do You Pick Up Abandoned Vehicles?

    According to Arizona law, a ‘abandoned vehicle’ is a vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer that is required to be registered and has been left on public or private property, whether it was lost, stolen, abandoned, or otherwise unclaimed.

    How to Apply for a Vehicle That Has Been Left Behind

    A person must know about and be in possession of a lost, stolen, abandoned, or otherwise unclaimed vehicle that has been seized by the law or removed from a public highway or public property by an officer of the law.

    The owner or manager of a commercial repair shop, public garage, or parking lot can use the abandoned vehicle process if the car was left without a verbal or written agreement.

    For example, a tow company asks the MVD to report a vehicle as abandoned. The MVD tells the owner, lien holder, and anyone else who might be interested that they have 30 days to get the car back. If the person who owns the car doesn’t come to get it, the towing company may take full ownership of it.

    How Much is My Junk Vehicle Worth?

    The bulk of trash automobiles have a worth between $100 and $500, which is essentially the value of the metal and potentially a few usable pieces.

    The elements that have the most impact on the value of your junk automobile are its location, the year, make, and model of the vehicle, its condition, and the current price of scrap metal.

    If you want a fairly accurate estimate of the worth of your trash automobile, you should consult the Kelley Blue Book. There is no assurance that you will get the specified price for your vehicle, but it will serve as a starting point for negotiations with trash sellers.

    Regardless of what any reference book may say, the current price of scrap metal will have a significant influence on the amount you get for your vehicle.

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