Picture of a 1996 Ford Explorer 4X4 in Page that was purchased by SUYC for $1,115.

On Thursday, Zahra contacted our business to learn the cash amount her scrap car was priced at. Our team immediately did calculations on her 1996 Ford Explorer 4X4, it’s scrap weight, and the running parts our team would be able to recover and ascertained we would give her up to $1,115. When Zahra was told the news, she immediately approved our proposal and SUYC had her shabby pile of s!@# removed from her property in no time at all.

Own an unsafe rattletrap that you want to make money on? You can call our yard during normal hours to see the price your lump of S#$% is worth. It is a piece of cake, quick, and we deliver cash! Regardless if you need to pay down bills, dealing with a doctor’s urgency, or solely would like to turn your hunk of junk to mullah, SUYC is here to help!

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