Picture of a 2002 Toyota Tundra V8 in Tempe that was purchased by SUYC for $1,592.

Nayeli called Sell Us Your Car to find out the amount her beat up, clunker 2002 Toyota Tundra V8 was worth. It was parked at her Tempe townhouse and she wanted it out of there as soon as possible. She needed deniro quickly and when she found out that we were going to give her $1,592 for her rusty, crappy auto, she was elated. We appeared in with flat bed the same day and handed her the cash.

Have a shabby set of wheels that you want to sell? You could call our yard during normal hours to find out the amount your junker is worth. It is convenient, fast, and we hand over crisp bills! Regardless if you have to take care of bills, dealing with a doctor urgency, or just intend to turn your old vehicle into a handful of bucks, our team can help!

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