Picture of a 2004 Mazda M6 in Ahwatukee that was purchased by SUYC for $1,433.

Last Wednesday, Louise phoned SUYC to ask the amount her barely running car could be priced at. We rapidly looked up her 2004 Mazda M6, it’s weight, and the functioning pieces our team can recover and discovered that we’d be willing to reward her with up to $1,433. When Louise was told the estimate, she, as soon as possible, took our deal and our team had her broken down rust bucket pulled out from her backyard later that day.

Do you have an unstable junker of your own that you want to get cash for? You can reach out to us Monday through Saturday to find out how much your junker is valued at. It’s no sweat, helpful, and we offer cash! Whether you have to take care of accounts, dealing with a doctor’s disaster, or simply intend to turn your hunk of junk into money, SUYC could help!

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