Picture of a 99 Sebring Jxi in Miami that was purchased by SUYC for $318.

Liana called us to find out the amount her degraded, broken-down 99 Sebring Jxi was priced at. It was taking up space at her Miami property and she wanted it gone that same day. She needed deniro fast and when she heard that we could to give her $318 for her rotting, crappy auto, she was elated. We got there in a flat bed that same day and gave her the payment.

Own a broken down rust bucket and don not know what to do with it? You can contact our business today to find out the amount your lump of S#$% is worth in scrap. It’s a cinch, immediate, and we bring cold hard cash! Regardless if you must to pay down bills, dealing with a doctor’s disaster, or merely want to switch your jalopy for scratch, our business will help!

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