Picture of a 2000 Z3 BMW in Cave Creek that was purchased by SUYC for $637.

Last Friday, Kimber emailed our team to inquire about the cash amount her non-running car can be valued at. We hastily did an appraisal on her 2000 Z3 BMW, it’s scrap value, and the operating components our team would be able to recover and saw we’d be willing to give her as high as $637. As soon as Kimber was told the estimate, she wasted no time took the trade and we got her unsafe clunker removed from her front lawn later that day.

Own an unsafe rustbucket of your own that you want to turn into cash? You should contact out junk yard Monday to Saturday to find out the amount your junk car is worth. It’s smooth, immediate, and we bring crisp bills! Regardless if you must to pay accounts, dealing with a doctor disaster, or only plan to convert your jalopy into coin, our yard can assist!

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