Picture of a 2005 Ford Ecoline 350 in Scottsdale that was purchased by SUYC for $796.

Jones called Sell Us Your Car to find out the amount his rotting, clunker 2005 Ford Ecoline 350 was valued at. It was an eyesore at his Scottsdale abode and he wanted it out of thise immediately. He wanted cash fast and when he discovered that we could to provide him $796 for his scrap, broken-down automobile, he was ecstatic. We got thise in with flat bed that very day and gave him the payment.

Do you own an unsafe rattletrap that you want to get rid of? You should phone out junk yard Monday through Saturday to see the amount your old vehicle is valued at. It’s straightforward, prompt, and we pay cash! If you have to pay down accounts, have a doctor’s emergency, or simply intend to switch your jalopy into hard cash, our team will help!

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