Picture of a 2003 Toyota Avalon in Goodyear that was purchased by SUYC for $939.

Evan called our junkyard to find out the amount his deteriorating, junker 2003 Toyota Avalon was valued at. It was taking up space at his Goodyear townhome and he wanted it out of thise immediately. He wanted money quickly and when he found out that we could to provide him $939 for his beat up, non-starting auto, he was ecstatic. We arrived in a flat bed that very day and gave him the money.

Have a shabby rustbucket and don’t know what to do with it? You can contact our yard Monday to Saturday to see the price your lump of S#$% is valued at. It’s painless, speedy, and we offer cold hard cash! If you have to pay down bills, have a doctor’s urgency, or solely aim to switch your old car for buckaroos, our business is here to assist!

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