Picture of a Pontiac Torrent Great Condition in Maricopa that was purchased by SUYC for $1,258.

On Wednesday, Avery phoned our business to ask about the cash amount his junk car was worth. We immediately reviewed his Pontiac Torrent Great Condition, it’s scrap value, and the working parts we would be able to retrieve and saw that we would pay cash as high as $1,258. as quickly as Avery was told the quote, he promptly accepted the deal and SUYC got his wonky rustbucket dragged out from his lot later that day.

Have an unstable wheels of your own and you don’t know what you should do with it? You could reach out to out junk yard Monday through Saturday to find out how much your clunker is worth in scrap. It is no sweat, helpful, and we pay cash! Regardless if you must to take care of accounts, dealing with a doctor urgency, or merely plan to trade your old car into a handful of bucks, our team is here to assist!

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