Picture of a Vw Jetta Tdi in Page that was purchased by SUYC for $748.

Aubrielle contacted our yard to find out how much her deteriorated, clunker Vw Jetta Tdi was worth. It was an eyesore at her Page residence and she wanted it gone that same day. She had to get money fast and when she discovered that we were willing to provide her $748 for her old, crappy vehicle, she was ecstatic. We got there in with tow truck that very day and got her the money.

Have an unstable wheels and don not know what you should do with it? You can phone our yard six days a week to find out the price your heap is worth. It is easy, immediate, and we hand over crisp bills! If you have to pay down bills, dealing with a doctor’s urgency, or only plan to convert your heap into deniro, SUYC can assist!

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