Picture of a 2005 Ford E150 Cargo in Yuma that was purchased by SUYC for $414.

Aria called us because she needed cash quickly and had to see the amount her 2005 Ford E150 Cargo was valued at. She was entirely elated with the amount we were could offer for her wheels, and before she knew it, we were swiftly at her house in Yuma, Arizona, handing over $414 cash for her trashed, clunker motor vehicle, before driving it back to the yard.

Own a crumbling rust bucket of your own and don not know what to do with it? You could contact our business Monday through Saturday to see the amount your old vehicle is valued at. It is handy, immediate, and we hand over greenbacks! Whether you have to pay down accounts, have a doctor disaster, or only aim to turn your junk heap for hard cash, out junk yard is here to help!

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