Picture of a Toyota Scion Xb in Tempe that was purchased by SUYC for $955.

Grey reached out to us to find out the amount his degraded, clunker Toyota Scion Xb was valued at. It was parked at his Tempe abode and he wanted it out of thise immediately. He needed money quick and when he heard that we were going to provide him $955 for his decaying, non-running car, he was overjoyed. We showed up in with flat bed the same day and got him the payment.

Own a run down rustbucket of your own that you want to sell? You should call our business during business hours to find out how much your bucket of bolts is worth. It is simple, quick, and we deliver cold hard cash! Whether you have to pay down accounts, have a doctor emergency, or merely want to swap your pile of s!@# to mullah, SUYC could help!

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