Picture of a 2002 Stoughton 28 Ft in Miami that was purchased by SUYC for $1,210.

Last Friday, Dorothy contacted our junkyard to learn the amount her non-running car could be priced at. Our team promptly evaluated her 2002 Stoughton 28 Ft, it’s state, and the working parts our team could reuse and ascertained we could pay out up to $1,210. As soon as Dorothy heard the value, she promptly approved our deal and we had her precarious rust bucket dragged out from her front yard later that day.

Do you have a dilapidated rustbucket of your own and you don’t know what you should do with it? You could reach out to our company during business hours to see how much your old car is worth. It’s a piece of cake, prompt, and we pay cold hard cash! If you need to pay accounts, have a doctor’s disaster, or solely aim to turn your rustbucket for coin, our yard can assist!

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