Picture of a 1990 GMC K1500 in Youngtown that was purchased by SUYC for $382.

Deandre called Sell Us Your Car to find out the amount his decaying, run-down 1990 GMC K1500 was priced at. It was taking up space at his Youngtown apartment and he needed it out of thise that same day. He needed money fast and when he found out that we could to give him $382 for his rotting, non-running car, he was ecstatic. We showed up in a tow truck that same day and got him the payment.

Do you have an unsafe rattletrap that you want to get cash for? You can contact our business during open hours to see how much your wheels is valued at. It is painless, immediate, and we deliver crisp bills! If you need to pay off bills, have a medical crisis, or just intend to switch your vehicle to buckaroos, our team is here to assist!

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