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Our Phoenix scrapyard processes over 200 vehicles every week and our vehicle compactor is always hungry for more!
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Junk Cars

Have a junker taking up space that you want to get rid of? If so, click here to see how much your car's worth!
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Used Cars

In addition to buying clunkers, SUYC buys and sells used cars. Contact our team today for a cash offer on your used car.
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Metal Recycling

We collect scrap metal that we pull from cars, including steel, aluminum, and lead, then send it to a refinery to be recycled.
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Parts Salvage

Nothing goes to waste when recycling cars and all good condition parts are pulled to be assessed and resold.
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Vehicle Removal

Have a junk car on your property that needs to go? Give us a call, we'll gladly send out a truck to tow away an abandoned vehicle.