Picture of a 2012 Ford Fiesta in Tusayan that was purchased by SUYC for $1,433.

Last Thursday, Bode phoned our junk yard to ask the cash amount his non-running car can be priced at. Our team swiftly evaluated his 2012 Ford Fiesta, it’s state, and the working parts we could be able to reuse and ascertained that we’d be willing to pay out as high as $1,433. When Bode heard the dollar figure, he quickly agreed to our proposal and we had his run-down bucket of bolts dragged out from his lot the same day.

Do you have an unstable rustbucket that you want to sell? You could call our company during normal hours to find out the amount your junk heap is worth. It is a cinch, immediate, and we bring crisp bills! Regardless if you need to pay down accounts, dealing with a doctor disaster, or only want to turn your auto into coin, our yard is here to assist!

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