Why Sell My Car to Sell Us Your Car?
At SUYC, you can get an instant quote by simply by picking up the phone or filling out a contact form on our website! Easily find out how much you can get paid for the sale of your old junk automobile and, if you accept our offer, schedule a same-day pickup.

Every week we buy hundreds of junk cars in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout the state. The vehicles we purchase include a variety of cars, vans, trucks, and work trucks, plus we pay for them in cash!

If you’re wondering who pays the most for used vehicles in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson, it’s Sell Us Your Car! Contact us to get an instant estimate on your vehicle.

Here’s Why Sell Us Your Car is the Right Automotive Buyer Group For You!

If you want to sell your vehicle fast and get a fair offer, SUYC is the right option for you.

The following is a list of the best reasons for why you should sell your old automobile for cash to SUYC:

  1. We offer our customers the most money on average for their junk vehicle.
  2. We do not charge you to haul away your old automobile when we show up to tow it.
  3. You are freed from the obligation to continue staring at the eyesore in your backyard.
  4. All of the necessary paperwork is handled by the SUYC team.
  5. There are no additional or hidden costs and the price we offer is the price you receive.
  6. Your vehicle parts are recycled, which means they’re resold to mechanics and car owners looking for specific parts.
  7. The remainder of the scrap metal is put to use in the production of new steel goods.
  8. Car recycling helps the environment because it decreases the need for the creation of new goods, which in turn saves energy, water, and other resources that are used in the production of consumer goods.