What Do I Do With My Immobile Vehicle?
Your car’s lifespan is roughly eight years, but when you have a car that gives up before you then, do you have options? If it isn’t running any longer, don’t just let it sit in your garage collecting dust. Just because it doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

Keep reading for some options for getting rid of your old junker, and discover which one will get you the most money for it.

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What are My Options for Dealing with a Non-Running Vehicle?

Selling a junked car can be time-consuming and not very profitable, depending on the method you choose. You may need a title, even though the vehicle doesn’t work.

1. Place an Ad to Sell Your Auto

You may find someone who wants the vehicle for parts or as a fixer-upper for their kid. Tell the truth about the automobile. You may be surprised at how many offers you receive. You probably will get fairly low offers, so this might not earn you the most. You can use Craigslist, your local newspaper, Autotrader, or another posting to sell your car.

2. Repair the Car

Do some research about how much the automobile will cost to repair and what you can potentially sell it for. Use Kelley Blue Book to figure out the value and go from there. A functional automobile is worth even more than your junked vehicle. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive the money you put into it.

3. Donate It

You won’t receive any money for your auto, but you should acquire a tax deduction for your donation. It can help you at tax time.

4. Sell Your Car to a Dealer or Trade it In

Depending on the age of the vehicle and its repair needs, your local auto dealer may be willing to take a chance on it. Talk to dealers who may be able to fix it up at a lower cost than you could. You may not obtain the full value of the automobile, but you will get it out of your hair. Dealers usually want cars that are less than 10 years old, and that won’t need extensive repairs.

Beware of selling a junker to dealerships, though. Some dealers will offer way too little, hoping to make more profit. Some dealers will offer a lot, only to see you on the lot and then give you less for flaws that you might not have mentioned.

5. Take It Apart

You could try parting the car out yourself. Essentially, you take it apart and sell the functioning parts. Although this method will probably generate the most income, it will take time and effort. You’ll have to be able to store the parts and wait for customers to come to you. Any parts that aren’t usable and don’t sell, you still have to deal with.

6. Sell Your Vehicle to a Scrap Yard or Auto Junker

An automobile junker is a business that buys used vehicles and sells the parts. An auto salvage yard is a place where people can pick through used automobiles for parts. Eventually, these are sold to a scrap metal yard for recycling. They can be excellent options for people without time to sell a non-running car without a lot of effort.

Junk Cars At Sell Us Your Car

Your best option for selling an automobile that doesn’t run is to sell it to a junk automobile buyer. Follow these steps to receive the most money for a car that doesn’t run:

1. Research

You need to find a reputable automobile recycler or salvage yard. Check their reputations with the BBB and/or friends and other companies in the community.

2. Contact Automobile Salvagers

Once you have a list of suitable junkers and auto salvage yards, call those businesses yourself to get an instant quote.

3. Get a Quote

Describe your vehicle. Ask what the requirements are. If it needs to be towed, find out if there is an extra charge that comes out of the price. Most auto junkers will give you an estimated value.

4. Compare Quotes

Prices will vary. It’s a good idea to get more than one quote if you’re trying to earn the most money for your vehicle. Don’t assume that a junk car buyer is scamming you when the offer seems lower than you expected. Scrap metal prices go up and down. Salvagers need to make a profit on their purchase.

5. Contact Your DMV

Check with your local DMV about what paperwork you need to fill out to junk your car. Most salvagers can help you with any necessary paperwork, including if you can’t find the vehicle title. But you should do your due diligence to make sure you don’t have any liability once a junkyard purchases the vehicle.

How Sell Us Your Car Can Help

An auto junker like Sell Us Your Car is an excellent option to use when you have a vehicle that doesn’t run, whether it’s mechanical or accidental. We can get you the most money for your old junker, and we usually can put cash in your hand when we come to pick it up. Plus, we come to your vehicle, so there are no towing costs for you, ever. And our online quote system makes selling your junker quick and painless.