Graphic: What Condition Do You Buy Junk Cars In?
Interested in knowing what type of condition Sell Us Your Car is willing to buy junk cars in? If so, see the following and if your vehicle falls under one or more, reach out! We’ll make you a fair and honest offer. We’ll schedule your pickup immediately. We’ll even tow it away for free.

To sell your junk car in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson, reach out now to see how much your car is worth and to schedule a pick-up time.

Types of Junk Cars We Look to Buy

We’ll buy your car, truck, SUV, van, or work vehicle in any condition. While we’ll buy your car if it matches any of the following criteria, we’re not limited to buying just these cars. See what your junker is worth today by reaching out!


You know when your smartphone takes a major fall and it’s just cheaper to buy a new one than fix it? That’s like a “totaled” car. The bean counters at insurance places just don’t see the point in fixing it up. Most times, it’s because the car got a real bad shake in a crash.


Imagine Mother Nature throwing a rock concert on your car’s roof. Hail storms can leave your ride looking like it faced a firing squad of golf balls. Sometimes it’s just a few dings, other times it’s a total metal makeover.


This is your car’s retirement plan. When they’re past their prime and not really fit for the road, they’re often just worth the weight in metal. Think of it as the car’s golden years being spent at the metal recycling joint.


Picture a Hollywood star’s comeback story, but for cars. They were down and out, declared totaled, but then they either get a new life with spare parts or get fixed up for another round on the road.


This is like your car’s battle scar. Whether it’s a tiny scratch from a rogue shopping cart or a big bash from a fender bender, it’s not in mint condition.


It’s like when your computer gives you the blue screen of death. No matter what you try, the car just won’t start. Could be anything from a flat battery to some deep engine drama.

Without Engine

Imagine a rock band without a lead singer. It’s just not going anywhere. But hey, the other parts might still have some groupies interested.

Mechanical Problem

Your car’s got some internal beef it needs to sort out. Maybe it’s the gears grinding like an old man’s knees or brakes squealing louder than a fangirl.

Blown Engine

This is the car’s version of a major meltdown. It’s done and dusted, at least where the engine’s concerned.

Without Transmission

Think of it like a bike with no chain. Looks solid, but you ain’t riding far.

Bad Transmission

Like a glitchy video game joystick. You try to move forward, but it’s either stuck or goes haywire.

Without Catalytic Converter

Missing that eco-friendly part that keeps the smog in check. Kinda like a pizza without cheese – something essential is missing.


This car’s got history, like that vintage tee everyone wants. It’s been around the block a few times.


Like those retro kicks from the ’90s – they’ve been around, but they still might have some swagger left.


This ride took a dip and not the fun kind at the pool. Water damage can be sneaky, making it look alright on the outside but a mess under the hood.


Like when your favorite action figure gets stepped on. It’s seen a rough day, maybe more than one.

Biohazard / Chemical

This car’s like a scene from a sci-fi movie. It got into some sketchy stuff and needs a serious detox before anyone goes near it.


Picture a marshmallow at a campfire, left too long on the stick. Whether it’s slightly toasted or full-blown charcoal, fire’s had its way.

Frame Damage

This is like a warped vinyl record – looks decent, but play it, and you’ll find the twist. The car’s bones are bent, making it a risky ride.

Without Inspection

It’s like skipping your annual check-up at the doc’s. It might be feeling good, but there could be issues lurking beneath.


Someone’s idea of a prank or payback. Could be anything from “artwork” spray-painted on the side to busted lights.


This car’s ready for its final curtain call. It’s like the last lap of a race, where the only value left is in the metal ready for recycling.