How Do I Sell A Used Car for Quick Cash?
Looking to get cash in hand quickly to help with paying rent or the mortgage bill? Here’s an idea: why not sell your aging, used car?

But how do you go about doing it?

You could take photos and post an ad for used cars ‘for sale by owner’ on sites like Craigslist, Autotrader, and eBay Motors, for example. Or, you could give Sell Us Your Car a call for an instant quote!

To get an online quote for a used vehicle in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson, click the button below. Or you can visit our contact page by clicking the link.

7 Steps to junk your old car for cash

Craigslist is free but watch out for scammers! If you sell a used car, whether it’s on Craigslist, AutoTrader, or other classified ads, you can expect to be answering many phone calls and spam calls. Moreover, if there are mechanical issues with your used vehicle, you may have to invest in repairs to get a good price.

With Autotrader, you’ll have to pay for a basic ad. For eBay Motors, you can buy an ad or auction off your car and wait for bids and pay a percentage of the sale to eBay.

It’s a lot to do and time or money spent on an old used or junk car. Following are seven steps you can take to sell a used car as is that will be much easier and faster.

Here’s how you go about selling your junker quickly.

1. Find a Licensed Salvage Dealer

First, you will need to find a reputable salvage dealer like Sell Us Your Car AZ. Reputable means a dealer that will be fair, offer good customer service, and be licensed and insured. We make a concerted effort to be the most reputable junk car buyer in Phoenix, Arizona, paying cash for the pick-up of your used car.

With the cash you can get when you sell us your car, the gifts for family and friends will be covered. No more stressing about how to finance the holidays.

2. Have all your vehicle information handy

Information to have available includes the car title, if possible, the make, model, year, mileage, body, and engine condition. If possible, please include your vehicle’s identification number (VIN). Not necessary. However, we want to provide you with the most accurate cash value for your automobile when you sell it to us.

3. Request a quote for your junk car

Although your junk car may no longer be operational, Sell Us Your Car AZ will still buy it from you. You can sell a used car as is since the vehicle’s parts may well be worth something. The value of a car also varies depending on the make, model, and condition. A junk car’s value may also be higher based on how big it is. Since trucks and SUVs are heavier than sedans, they are more valuable in the long run.

Note that we’re only able to guarantee quotations for up to 48 hours because of today’s fast-moving markets. But don’t let that discourage you from selling your car to us!

4. Set a Pickup Time

Do you have an old car wasting valuable space on your property but are afraid of the cost of hiring a towing service to remove it? Well, you’re in for a surprise. Sell Us Your Car AZ will pick up your junk car the same day or the next day.

5. Sign Sale Paperwork

When selling junk vehicles, be aware of local laws and restrictions. Sometimes, you may want specific legal documentation in order to scrap a car. We will handle all of the necessary documentation for the transfer of your automobile. Our courteous drivers will show you the right place for signing your title or bill of sale. All you need to do is notify us of the day and time you want your car picked up.

6. Get Paid Cash for Your Junk Car

A respectable dealer will always pay you the agreed-upon price when you sell your junk car. Dealers who try to haggle a lower price at the time of pick-up should be avoided at all costs. At Sell Us Your Car AZ, we always pay you the negotiated price when we pick your vehicle up unless major parts of the car are missing.

7. Report the sale to DMV and your insurance company

You should inform the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you sell, trade, or donate your automobile. Notifications can be made online, in person at a customer service location, or by phone. Additionally, you should tell your insurance carrier, if applicable, whenever you sell, trade, or donate a vehicle.

Where to sell my car online?

Trying to get rid of an old or junk automobile can be difficult. To help people like you get rid of your old or junk vehicle or scrap a car, we started in 2012. Based in the Phoenix metro region, we serve customers across the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

Even though we specialize in buying junk vehicles for cash, we’d be happy to accept your old used automobile in exchange for cash as well. We can offer you more money for your automobile than any other auto salvage in Phoenix since we have more than 50 years of experience buying old cars.

Pick up my junk!

The procedure to sell a used car at Sell Us Your Car AZ is simplified since we handle all the paperwork and provide a free car pickup service. We will come and pick up your junk vehicle, whether it’s running or not, at a convenient time for you. What’s up with the lack of a title? No worries, we’ll still buy your automobile for cash.

Contact Sell Us Your Car

We acquire automobiles that have been wrecked in accidents or have been totaled. Trucks, ATVs, motorbikes, and even heavy machinery like tractors are among the vehicles we purchase. Even if it doesn’t run, we’ll purchase it if it has wheels. We make it simple for you to sell us your car. We’ll take your old or junk vehicle away as soon as possible if you get in touch with us.