Do You Buy Decommissioned Fleet Vehicles?
Sell Us Your Car does buy decommissioned fleet cars, trucks, vans, work trucks, and everything in between.

To find out how much your old fleet may be worth, reach out to us directly either by calling during normal business hours or by emailing us.

To-date, we’ve made dozens of bulk expired vehicle purchases from companies located throughout Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, and around Arizona.

If you want to know who buys fleet vehicles for cash, it’s Sell Us Your Car! Contact our team today for an instant and fair quote.

What is a Fleet Vehicle?

Vehicles that are part of a fleet are a collection of automobiles, including motorbikes, cars, pickups, delivery vans, work trucks, and construction vehicles that belong to or are leased by an organization, such as a company, government agency, or other institution, rather than being owned by an individual or family.

Vehicles that are operated by auto rental firms, taxicab companies, public utility companies, public transit companies, police agencies, and municipalities eventually need to be replaced with new models and when this takes place, Sell Us Your Car is the company that can ensure you get top dollar for your vehicles.

What Happens to Vehicles Once They’re Sold?

We’re in the recycling business and if any of the parts or components of your fleet can be salvaged and resold, we’ll make every attempt.

Anything that can’t be saved is recycled, including plastics and metals – namely the vehicle’s frame. We send car frames to refineries so that they can be recycled into brand new vehicles some day!

We’re looking forward to hearing from any company looking to retire their vehicles, so please give us a call today!