Bullhead City, AZ – Sell us your car even if it’s broken!

That’s right Bullhead City, AZ you can sell us your car even if it’s broken.  If it’s a junk car, broken car, if you are looking to donate your car for cash. We can help you with all of those! It can be difficult to get cash for a used car in a small town like Bullhead City, AZ. Posting the car online is one option, but waiting to hear back from buyers and scheduling a time to meet them can be a pain.  We have been buying and selling cars online now for a while.  We are dedicated in help you quickly get cash for your used car.  All you need to do is Contact Us and one of our used car-buying specialists will contact you with your free quote.  Then we will schedule a time for us to come pick up your car and give you cash in hand as we drive away with your old car.

Can I sell my car to a dealership for cash

That is a question we get a lot.  Usually when you try to sell your car to a dealership for cash they are expecting you to buy a new car.  So they say they will give you cash for your used car but in reality it’s just another number for them to manipulate to get you to buy a new or used car from them.  It usually takes hours on top of that with the salesperson going back and forth “trying” to get the most cash for your used car.  Most of the time they will still give you less than what your car is worth.  Sell Us Your Car AZ does not operate that way.  We are committed to getting you the most cash for your car without any expectations on buying another car from our inventory.