Casa Grande – We give cash for old used cars

Casa Grande, AZ we are one of those places that buy old cars for cash.  Sell Us Your Car AZ has been in the industry of buying and selling cars for quite some time now.  We are able to get you the most cash for your used car than any other company.   It doesn’t matter if your old car is broken or wrecked or even if you think it’s a piece of junk car. We will still buy your car from you. Even better you we will come and pick up your car for you.  All we need is a little information from you about your used vehicle and we will contact you with your free quote for your car.  Once we have come to an agreement on the price to sell your car to us we will schedule a time to come pick up your car.  We show up, give you cash for your car in hand and drive away with your old car. No need for anything else, we take care of all of the paperwork for you.

Can I sell my used car without a title?

Yes you can still sell your old car even if you don’t have the title for it.  We know all of the forms that need to be filled out and best of all is that we take care of it for you.  When you fill out our form on our Contact Us page, please let us know that you don’t have the title for your old car.  A lot of people worry about losing money when they do not have the title for their car when they go to sell it.  Remember we are the professionals and know everything that needs to be taken care of when selling your car without the title.  We will still give you cash for your vehicle.